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Although many individuals do prefer having optimum oral health to ensure their teeth remain strong, an even more desirable trait for modern society is having white teeth. The whiter your teeth are, the more appealing you are often to the opposite gender. Because of this, teeth whitening treatments have exploded across the country. For a list of teeth whitening treatments that are available, look below:

  • Brighter and whiter teeth are possible through several products, including mouthwash, chewing gum, gels and toothpaste.
  • An in-office whitening treatment is a professional treatment administered directly by your dentist at the dental office.
  • Over the counter teeth whitening treatment systems can be purchased at your local store and vary in effectiveness.
  • At-home treatments given by your dentist can allow you to receive teeth whitening treatment touch-ups as needed.
  • Exercise caution with various foods and drinks such as coffee and wine, as they can contribute to stains and discolorations to your teeth that will require a tooth whitening treatment.
  • Because your teeth age over time, they will often end up stained or discolored either from natural processes of life or through bad habits you may have. Even medications and illnesses can cause your teeth to be discolored. However, the color of your teeth can be reversed with teeth whitening treatments.

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