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When dental fillings are placed, they are intended to restore the full appearance and function of a damaged tooth and prevent the complications of tooth decay. However,  the natural bacteria in your oral cavity can weaken the seam between your dental filling and healthy tooth enamel, weakening the area and forming a whole new cavity. Unidentified and untreated tooth decay will eventually spread to the tooth root and develop an infection that could necessitate root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is a restorative method of treatment in which our dentist removes the decayed and infected tooth enamel as well as the inner tooth structure so that he can reconstruct the tooth and later place a dental crown.

By casting a detailed impression of the tooth and surrounding area and sending it to a dental lab, we can provide a custom-made dental crown, which we will place at your next dental visit. Until the permanent dental crown is cemented in place, a temporary dental crown can protect the treated area.

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