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Are you aware of the several different forms of risks to your smile? Not only can your teeth suffer microscopic damage, but you can also suffer from oral accidents or injuries or blunt trauma. Lifestyle choices, dietary selections and cleaning routines can all play a significant role in the presence of oral health ailments. In the case of dental erosion and gum disease, you will need to make sure that your mouth stays clean to prevent any plaque buildup from slowly chewing away your tooth enamel.

Your tooth enamel is a precious substance that lies on your teeth to add an additional layer of protection for the inner workings of a tooth. However, if plaque build-up is allowed to occur, it can convert substances such as sugar into harmful acids which will slowly eat through your enamel. Medications that produce dry mouth, the excessive consumption of sugar, environmental factors, genetic predispositions and acid reflux disease are all known contributors to dental erosion.

If you fail to effectively prevent dental erosion from occurring, a hole in your tooth enamel may arise. This is known as a cavity. If cavities remain untreated, infections and tooth loss will occur. Thus, an effective dental erosion prevention plan is your first step to an effective cavity prevention plan. Make sure that you are brushing and flossing every single day and producing enough saliva to keep your mouth clean of food debris and plaque buildup that can contribute to dental erosion. Furthermore, plaque buildup can help wash away acids in your mouth and help provide disease-fighting substances for your smile.

The best smiles begin with dental erosion and cavity prevention. If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Douglas F. Smith at our dentist office in Logan, Utah for dental erosion and cavity prevention, please call us at 435-752-4882. Our team at Douglas F. Smith, DDS look forward to hearing from you.